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Why Should You Use your Own Router

Is your ISP-Provided Router Secure?

From parental controls to improved network security, discover how upgrading from an ISP-Provided router can transform your online world.

Happy Diwali

Happy Diwali

Happy Diwali to all our friends who celebrate the occasion.

Notice of Closure for Remembrance Day

This is a friendly reminder that our offices will be closed this coming Monday in observance of the Remembrance Day Statutory Holiday. As always, our on-call technicians will be available for your emergency support needs. Lest We Forget.

Can Script Kiddies Threaten Your Business?

Their name may not prompt anxiety, yet script kiddies are much more dangerous than they sound. These cybercriminals aren’t elite hackers, but they can still compromise your business. What is a Script Kiddie? Someone considered a script kiddie, or “skiddie,” has nominal coding skills. They can’t find the vulnerabilities in software or a website; they […]

The Power of Professional Virus Removal

Installing antivirus software is a great first step toward protecting your computer. Still, relying on that software to keep viruses at bay may not be the best thing. Working with a professional to remove the virus and fix your computer adds security. What antivirus software can do Antivirus software protects computers and other devices against […]

SilverPoint Partners with VOIPTools

SilverPoint is excited to announce it’s partnership with VOIPTools, a solution provide which allows us to supercharge the functionality of the 3CX phone systems we provide our customers.

Keeping Kids Safe on Discord and Online Platforms

You might remember setting up a “telephone” with a friend made with cups and a string. Or feel nostalgic for the novelty of having your own phone line in your home growing up. Meanwhile, we’re raising the digital generation. They game online, chat online, stream TV online…everything is online. One popular channel for kids’ conversations? […]

Finding Business Balance on the Sliding Scale of Security

Every day there’s some new malware or data leak or hacker exploit revelation. Your business is vigilant, but it feels like you always have to be doing more about cybersecurity to remain protected. Meanwhile, you want to balance security measures with usability, convenience, and cost. That balancing act puts you somewhere on the sliding scale […]