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Organisations in British Columbia Look To SilverPoint Systems For Everything IT.

Today, using Managed IT Services is the most cost-effective way to keep your computers and network up to speed and your employees working. It’s a predictable-pricing structure with 24/7 Remote and Onsite IT Management and Monitoring that ensures your technology is secure and works for you. This is no cookie-cutter approach. It’s customised according to your needs. For a monthly, easy-to-budget-for fee, you’ll have all the IT Service and Support you require.

IT Consulting

Did you know that selecting an IT Consultant to advise you about your technology is one of the most important decisions you can make? Our clients’ successes are the reasons we provide IT Consultants. No two organizations are alike. That’s why our consultants must have a broad range of capabilities and experience. With clearly defined goals and a team-like approach, SilverPoint Systems can help you take your business to the next level with IT Consulting targeted to your goals.

Server & Desktop Virtualisation

Do you wish you could use new technologies, but you don’t have the money or space to do so? With virtualization, you can access them via the Cloud virtually rather than physically. It lets you do more with less. Virtualisation maximizes computing utilization and minimizes the need for devices. It lets you keep all of your data and IT resources in one place, so they are readily available from anywhere at any time as long as you have an internet connection. With virtualization technology now an option for small businesses, many are signing up for our services. If you do, you’ll benefit from more productive and efficient-running operations, and experience cost savings you never imagined.

Computer Hardware

Want to save yourself the money and frustrations that come from owning computing devices? Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS) lets you lease your computing power rather than spending your cash on expensive, ever-changing computing devices. Rather than expending your capital on servers and more, you lease them. You can convert large capital expenses into more affordable operating expenses. HaaS also includes all the administration and maintenance of the hardware in your plan, so you don’t have to worry about upgrades or downtime from computer crashes. SilverPoint Systems takes on all the responsibilities and licensing, so you don’t have to.
Today’s IT solutions have transformed the way you do business for the better. However, you must ensure your network is always secure and continuously monitored. If you don’t, your organization will be at risk. A lack of cyber-threat awareness is leaving businesses vulnerable to cyber-attacks, and many employees underestimate these threats. They sometimes open links in emails that can send malware and viruses throughout a network. When this happens, your confidential or proprietary information can be compromised. It can ruin your organization. Let us ensure your network security so you can be free from these worries.
Did you know that unless you back up your data to a secure enterprise-based cloud solution, you can still lose it? Onsite backups can be destroyed or lost. A reliable backup and recovery solution is critical to ensure your operations are functional in the event of power outages or office closures, and that you can continue to provide services to clients, patients, suppliers, regulators and others you do business with. Digital information stored in a secure cloud-based data centre will be there whenever you need it.
How fast could your data be recovered? Unfortunately, for many businesses, this could take over a week or more. If this were you, could you survive this long without your data? What would the implications be? Would you have to shut down your business? Would your customers leave for the competition? There are many things to consider when it comes to the efficient recovery of your data. If your data is stored properly in the first place, you’ll be in a much better position. Whether you work from home or have a fully staffed office, it’s always best if your entire IT infrastructure is cloned and virtualized in a secure, offsite cloud-based data centre.
Is your business protected from email spam worms and other phishing threats? These have taken down many businesses. They are the most dangerous causes of identity theft. Companies both large and small have had their accounts taken over from phishing attacks where an employee in an organization gets tricked into revealing confidential data and credentials. Our email spam protection will prevent this. IT also includes simplified searching capabilities with complete email indexing. It allows for easy access to your critical records any time you need them. And it provides flexible search options and attachment and message archiving. This helps to streamline your business processes and protects your emails from today’s ever-increasing cyber threats.
Using cloud services is a cost-effective way to enhance your overall IT performance. You access applications or programs from the Internet rather than storing them in your computers. But, be sure using the Cloud is right for your business. We can help you do this.
Access to up-to-date and high-performing software is essential to run your business today. Now with our Hosted Solutions you no longer have to pay the high prices, come up with upfront payments, or deal with the hassles of maintenance. You’ll benefit from hosted applications that will work for you without struggles. You won’t have to worry about connectivity, updates, patching, or maintenance. Everything will be taken care of for you. With the right support, you’ll benefit from greater reliability and uptime as well.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

You’ve worked hard to build your customer base, and you don’t want to lose touch with these customers. But to develop an effective CRM management solution requires hours of work, and time is money. Microsoft Dynamics CRM delivers a familiar solution that works with your Microsoft Office, Outlook, and other applications in an integrated solution that connects with all your sales, marketing, and service processes. And now Microsoft has gone one step further with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM. It includes an ERP (Enterprise Relationship Planning) solution so your teams will have everything they need to keep their services on target and your customers happy. Both can be customised to your unique needs.
There’s no better solution for small and mid-sized businesses in British Columbia, or anywhere in the world than Microsoft Office 365. Why? Because you can use the applications you love like Word, PowerPoint, and Excel along with file sharing, collaborative, accessible, flexible, secure, cloud-based tools that give you the capabilities larger enterprises enjoy. It’s an umbrella-type software and communications solution that allows you and your teams to access applications both in the office and on the road via your workstations, smartphones, tablets, or laptops. Collaboration is enhanced because you can set specific permissions so that your colleagues or customers can access documents and files as you require.
Sign up for a free consultation to learn how the team at SilverPoint Systems can solve all your technology problems and improve your business operations beyond your expectations. Once you do, we’ll take great pleasure in welcoming you to the SilverPoint family as another one of our happy, loyal, long-term clients!