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SkyDrive reaches for the sky

Cloud storage services have become big business in the past few months. Most of the big players in the technical industry have some form of service for their users. One of the first major cloud services was SkyDrive by Microsoft, and there have been recent changes introduced that have solidified it as a considerable competitor.

SkyDrive is a free online (cloud) storage service from Microsoft that lets you access your files from multiple locations. It works by downloading a program to your desktop, and allowing you to drag and drop files into it. Files will be uploaded to the cloud and available on mobile phone apps, or on your browser. If you make a change to a document on one of these, it’ll be updated automatically. Beyond that, you can also access files on your PC if it and SkyDrive are both turned on.

SkyDrive is also a collaboration tool, it allows you to create Microsoft Office documents right in the browser, share them with colleagues and collaboratively work on them. You can upload and share files up to 2GB in size from your computer and 300MB in size from SkyDrive.com.

A few weeks ago, Microsoft updated SkyDrive to have better syncing and integration across platforms. They also introduced a new pricing scheme, making it one of the most competitive options available. New users now get 7GB of storage space, with the ability to upgrade to a maximum of 100GB storage for USD 50 per year.

If you have a Hotmail account, or SkyDrive account that was activated before April 22, 2012, you’re eligible for 25GB storage for free. Simply log in to either Hotmail and press SkyDrive, or log in to skydrive.com and select Manage storage. You should have the option to upgrade to 25GB for free. Microsoft has said this is only for a limited time, but hasn’t defined how long “limited time” is.

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