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Windows Phone Marketplace now 7.5 only

In late September of last year, Microsoft released the newest version of its smartphone OS, 7.5 codenamed Mango. Mango brought some great changes that made it more competitive with the larger mobile operating systems. One of the major changes was made to Marketplace, the portal users download apps and updates.

Microsoft has announced that users who are using a Windows Phone with an OS older than version 7.5 won’t be able to download, buy or update apps from their app store, Marketplace. It will still be available on older versions, but will be more or less useless. If you want to utilize Marketplace, you’ll have to update your OS.

How to update your OS
If you’re not too sure what version you have:

1. From the Home Screen (Start), swipe left to Apps.
2. Press Settings, About followed by More info.

If you find your phone is running version 7.0 or earlier, you can update it by plugging your phone into your computer using a USB cord. You’ll need the Zune software for PC or Windows Phone Connector for Mac installed. Open the program and select Update now. Your computer will download the update, install it onto your phone and let you know when it’s ready.

If you’re already using version 7.5, there’s no need to update your phone, but there have been incremental updates released, so it may be beneficial to check for an update. If you’d like to learn more about your Windows Phone, please contact us.