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The Power of Professional Virus Removal

Installing antivirus software is a great first step toward protecting your computer. Still, relying on that software to keep viruses at bay may not be the best thing. Working with a professional to remove the virus and fix your computer adds security.

What antivirus software can do

Antivirus software protects computers and other devices against various malicious software (malware). It’s designed to detect viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware, adware, and more. It matches known malware patterns and detects suspicious behavior. Then, the program works to block files or websites that might contain malware.

If an infection happens, the software can attempt to limit the threat. It will quarantine or isolate infected files to prevent the malware from spreading.

Many programs actively monitor your systems for real-time protection. Regularly updating your software keeps it current with the most recently identified malware and threats.

If you’re worried about infection, you can also typically start a manual scan. This checks your systems, folders, files, and removable storage devices for malware.

What antivirus software can’t do

All those benefits are useful, but antivirus software is not foolproof. It relies on databases of known malware and current threats and can miss new approaches, and it might not catch every malware variant out there.

The software is also vulnerable to zero-day attacks, whereby Hackers exploit a new vulnerability until vendors create and send out updates.

Meanwhile, your antivirus may not remove all malware if the infection is deep or complex. You’ll know it’s there but will need the help of a professional to manually clean your computer.

Working with a pro, you can cut device downtime. An expert can identify the problem and prevent data loss. They can also preserve device performance. Otherwise, malware can consume system resources and run processes in the background.

Antivirus software also can’t give you the full picture of what’s happened. A technician can help identify the information compromised, they can also help you change your passwords.

They can also set your computer up to prevent data loss in the future. They’ll protect sensitive files and ensure your data backup or other systems aren’t infected.

In short, they can remove the existing threat and add extra security measures.

Protect your devices online

Antivirus software is only one part of comprehensive device security, and it’s not infallible.

Don’t just remove viruses, prevent them from happening with a professional’s help. Contact our experts today 604-200-2234. We can help you shore up your security against emerging threats.