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macOS High Sierra: what you need to know

macOS High Sierra: what you need to know

There are several improvements in Apple’s recently launched macOS High Sierra, and Apple enthusiasts should be thrilled. These include an overhauled interface, faster processing, more efficient storage management, and a long list of application updates. Read on to find out how Apple’s newest OS improves user experience.

Greater speed and efficiency

The improved Photos app is getting most of the attention in the new OS, but what most users need to know is that macOS High Sierra has significant speed and performance upgrades.

The newly upgraded Apple File System increases Mac devices’ data-handling speeds, increases disk space, and reduces — if not completely eliminates — system crashes. The Apple ecosystem was already stable and secure from malware infection, but this enhancement gives it a further performance boost and greater protection from data loss caused by unexpected system failures.

It also increases disk space by cloning rather than copying duplicate files, which means they don’t take up space unless modified. Apple File System also saves up to 40% of storage space by compressing 4K media files without reducing their quality.

Better search function in Mail

Refinements in Mail include easier search, a feature that will delight users who constantly pore through hundreds of messages. The Top Hits feature pulls up the most relevant items based on usage criteria: the most recently read mail, senders most replied to, and contacts tagged as VIP. The Mail has also added a split-screen view, which comes into play when a user switches to full-screen mode and when sending a new email.

More Personalized Safari Settings

Significant changes in the new Safari include a more personalized setting and fewer ads. Safari users can now block content advertising, disable auto-play videos, and stop cookie tracking, which helps make their browsing history more private and secure. The new Safari also lets users adjust text size and location settings for certain websites, giving them greater control.

Other enhancements

These small yet functional enhancements in the macOS High Sierra are also worth noting:

  • The Photos app gets an improved search function, “Loop” and “Bounce” effects on live photos, new editing tools and filters, and an improved interface that aims to make photo editing and organization a lot easier.
  • Messages are now saved in the cloud, which makes retrieval easy for those who switch, replace, or lose their device.
  • Spotlight gets a flight integration feature that lets users get departure and arrival, delays, and other flight information from the search icon.
  • The Notes app now allows users to pin their most frequently used notes at the top and add tables to notes.

Upgrading to macOS High Sierra

Apple’s new OS is now available for download from the App Store. To install, go to the App Store (or click the Apple icon at the top left corner of your screen and click App Store), click macOS High Sierra displayed in the featured section, then click Download. Before you upgrade, it is recommended that you back up all your files.

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