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New heights in data compliance penalties

The tech industry is littered with buzzwords: overused jargon generally meant to inspire feelings of hope and accomplishment. Not all have positive connotations however, and data compliance is one of those spooky buzzwords that many small- and medium-sized businesses have scant specific knowledge about. What better way to gain a clearer understanding of the consequences […]

What can we expect from Apple HealthKit?

Managing and monitoring medical data is incredibly complex, especially for the layman who won’t be able to understand the terminology. With the iOS 10 update rapidly approaching, both consumers and healthcare industries will have something to be excited about – the Apple HealthKit. The built-in health app allows you to save and manage medical records […]

Learn from this NFL team’s EMR fumble

News broke recently that the Washington Redskins reported a laptop stolen that contained thousands of medical records for NFL players. The trainer who was responsible for the laptop claims that it did not contain any HIPAA protected data, but the impact remains largely the same. Protected medical information is vulnerable to a host of exposure […]

Choosing the right EMR – such as gloEMR

The short-term incentives of meaningful use shouldn’t overshadow the long-term care strategies of small physician practices choosing electronic medical records (EMRs), according to a recent study. IDC Health Insights expect U.S. EMR adoption to move from less than 25 percent in 2009 to more than 80 percent in 2016 – and that growth will be […]