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Combatting Cybersecurity Fatigue

When was the last time you had to change your password or received an alert to update your device for what felt like the umpteenth time? These are minor frustrations, but ongoing IT requests can add up to cybersecurity fatigue. You cannot stop securing your tech but can combat employee annoyance with the process. The […]

Psst … What’s Your Master Password?

All of us like to think we are unique. That thinking extends to our passwords too, right? We’re special and distinct, so no one could guess our chosen collection of letters, numbers and symbols. Well, it’s surprisingly easy for algorithms to determine passwords and to do so extremely quickly. So, a password manager is a […]

The Business Risk of Abandoned Domain Names

When setting up your small business website, you want a memorable name and sleek Web design. You know your website is an important online calling card. Then, when you grow or your business evolves, you might rebrand and add a site. But wait, don’t abandon the old one. When you set up your Web presence, […]

Tech Tuesday – Prepare Your IT for the Holiday Season

We all know about the Grinch who ruins Christmas for Whoville. Don’t cast IT as the Grinch of this holiday season. Prepare your technology and systems to reduce downtime risk. You’ll avoid disrupting your customers’ holiday season or employees’ seasonal fun. Update and upgrade IT Expecting an uptick in online shopping for the holidays? Apply […]

Tech Tuesday – Don’t Get Reeled in by Holiday Phishing Attacks

We expect the holiday season to be a time of good cheer, and peace and goodwill to all, right? Except cyberattackers didn’t get the memo. They are more likely to attack businesses with phishing attempts during the holidays. Prevent issues by knowing what to expect. Cybercrime research shows the season “dramatically impacts” the volume of […]