Make the most out of every opportunity with Microsoft Dynamics® CRM.

Unleash sales, marketing, and service potential—and boost your bottom line—with Microsoft Dynamics® CRM.

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Are You Limited By Your Current Customer Relationship Management Solution?

Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM or CRM 365 Will Bring Everyone & Everything Together To Please Your Customers And Grow Your Business.

You’ve worked hard to build your customer base, and you don’t want to lose touch with them. But developing an effective customer relationship management solution requires hours of work, and time is money.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM delivers a familiar solution that works with your Microsoft Office, Outlook, and other applications in an integrated solution that connects with all your sales, marketing, and service processes.  And, it can be customised to your unique needs.

You need a CRM solution to streamline processes and increase the productivity of your sales, marketing, and service teams. But to be truly effective, you should be able to integrate it with the other software solutions you use. If not, you can miss opportunities to maximize your customer relationships, lose critical contact information, or stay up-to-speed so you can beat out your competitors.

Microsoft Has Gone One Step Further With Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

It includes an ERP (Enterprise Relationship Planning) solution so your teams will have everything they need to keep their services on target and your customers happy.  It’s a cloud-based CRM and ERP system that provides the maximum in extensibility and flexibility for your teams that you can integrate with your other Microsoft solutions.

Why Should You Consider Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM?

Because it’s for businesses of all sizes, large and small. You’ll have everything you need to help your teams keep in touch and meet their sales, marketing, and service goals. It combines financial and customer management into one cloud-based platform.

It will boost your business’ efficiency and productivity while driving growth. Plus, it’s considered a game changer in the ERP market today. Dynamics 365 CRM includes five applications that work together seamlessly.

  1. Want To Boost Your Sales? Your teams will get the guidance they need from embedded intelligence to stay focused and close those deals. It helps them foster their customer relationships by combining LinkedIn and Sales Navigator with Dynamics CRM. They can connect Dynamics CRM with Microsoft Office 365 and LinkedIn data to guide them through the sales process and accelerate their sales performance. And they can do all of this via their mobile devices when they’re on the road.
  2. Need To Streamline Your Customer Service? With built-in intelligence, your customer service team can provide more personalized service faster and easier than before. Dynamics 365 CRM makes it easy for your customer service reps to meet expectations while reducing the cost of providing service. They can engage with your customers on any device or via social media for a quick resolution to concerns or issues. With Dynamics’ artificial intelligence, you can free up your agents for high-level interactions that demand more personalized service.
  3. How Do You Stay Connected To Your Field Service? Dynamics 365 CRM is a proactive and connected application that helps your employees resolve service issues before they cause real problems. Its seamless end-to-end experience saves you on operational costs by optimizing your resources. Your staff can dispatch the right technician or representative at the right time and improve scheduling and resolution time with a complete view of your customers’ experience and real-time guidance. Productivity and efficiency are enhanced. And when your field reps perform as they should, you save money and time, and your customers are happy.
  4. Project Automation Need Help? Building trusting customer relationships is what business is all about. In order for your customers to trust you, it’s important to provide what you promised, on time and within budget. Dynamics CRM offers a customer-centric service and delivery application that helps you manage projects, ensure deliverables reflect contract terms, approve work orders, and control costs. With it, you can accurately visualize all aspects of a project and manage it with precision. Your project managers will have access to intuitive dashboards where they can review, monitor, and approve costs and services throughout the scope of a project. They can manage a project with agility and respond quickly to changes and additions if needed. Key performance indicators help them stay on target and within budget.
  5. Getting The Most From Your Marketing Dollars? Your marketing team will thank you. Dynamics CRM helps to unify their experiences and connect with customer experiences. An integrated platform and data provide a comprehensive view of customers’ interactions across every touch point. They can develop and deliver the right content at the right time. Dynamics brings together marketing and sales intelligence into one platform. And with the sales data your marketing team needs, your marketing dollars will go farther.

All of these applications work together seamlessly. And because they can be customised, you’ll always have a complete CRM solution that works for you as your business needs change. 

Remember too – Microsoft Dynamics CRM and CRM 365 deliver a familiar solution that works with your Microsoft Office, Outlook, and other applications.  With the integrated platform, intelligence, and data it offers, your teams will have a complete view of your customers’ needs and requests. You’ll no longer be limited by your old CRM solution.

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