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Do you wish you could use new technologies but you don’t have the money or space to do so? With virtualization, you can access them via the Cloud in a virtual environment, rather than physically. This technology lets you do more with less.

Few computing solutions have revolutionized the business landscape as much as virtualization. What was once only available to the largest corporations can now be used by the smallest of businesses. There are many reasons to use virtualization, but one of the best reasons is to save money.

3 Main Questions to Ask When Considering Virtualisation For Your Company In Langley, Surrey, or Abbotsford, BC.

  1. How Does Virtualisation Work?

Virtualisation involves creating virtual machines and placing them on a hardware device. This can happen in various forms including storage devices, servers, networks, and desktops.

Virtualisation maximizes computing utilization and minimizes the need for devices.

It lets you keep all of your data and IT resources in one place, so they are readily available from anywhere at any time, as long as you have an internet connection.

Virtualisation Services include:

  • Virtualized storage.
  • Automated data center services, with storage, networking, security, and anywhere/anytime availability.
  • The ability to add or remove servers as needed.
  • On-demand applications provisioning.
  • Infrastructure maintenance and management.
  1. What Are The Benefits Of Using Virtualisation Services?

With a flexible cloud infrastructure, combined with server and desktop virtualization, your physical servers and desktops will be converted into multiple virtual machines (VMs). Each of these VMs acts like a separate physical device, running its own operating system. This way you can ensure your data is always available, even if a server shuts down.

Virtualisation also allows for faster and easier application and resource provisioning, increased flexibility, simplified management, and it can reduce your computing costs.

Your computing environment can be virtualized from the data center to the Cloud, to your mobile devices. This increases your agility, and the ability to respond to needs. It can also increase your employees’ productivity and improve business efficiencies in both your data center and in the Cloud.

Virtualisation can increase your IT Security. Securing all your systems and networks can be challenging. It’s much easier to do this through virtualization. Your employees will be using fewer machines and a smaller infrastructure so there’s not as much to manage and monitor.

Security threats can quickly be detected and managed. Because virtualization isolates your machines and networks if one gets infected the chances that others will is minimal.

  1. Will Using Virtualisation Services Save Us Money?

Yes, with virtualization you’ll benefit from more available memory without the expense of adding or upgrading equipment. Server virtualization solutions can be customised to fit your unique business needs and grow as your business does.

You Can Save Money:

  • By Using Fewer Machines.

One of the main reasons businesses use virtualization is to take physical machines and turn them into virtual machines. This reduces the pieces of computer hardware you need to purchase and maintain. It can end up saving quite a bit of money for some organizations. If your business gets busy and you acquire more work and customers, instead of having to purchase a lot of hardware and servers, your IT provider can create virtual ones for you. You won’t have to buy new computing equipment and you can use older pieces longer.

  • From Reduced Energy Costs.

When you use fewer servers, desktops, and storage devices, you’ll use less energy. Consolidating through virtualization can save a lot of money over time. Servers require energy to run and remain at the right temperature to avoid overheating. If you previously needed a room filled with dozens of servers, that’s a lot of energy you can save if you virtualize your servers. Plus, virtualization is environmentally friendly. Some businesses advertise this as green eco-friendly technology solutions.

  • With Less Maintenance.

Consolidating hardware through virtualization also allows for cheaper maintenance. It centralizes the operation of devices making them easier to manage. You’ll have the support you need for upgrades and patches. They can be handled automatically by your IT provider. This means you can have access to the latest technology with less downtime because your devices will be maintained and monitored remotely and automatically.

With virtualization technology now an option for small businesses, many are signing on to save on IT costs. You’ll benefit from a more productive and efficient-running business, and cost savings is “the icing on the cake!”