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Are You Still Using Break/Fix IT Services?

Today, using Managed IT Services is the most cost-effective way to keep your computers and network up to speed and your employees working. It’s a predictable-pricing structure with 24/7 Remote and Onsite IT Management and Monitoring that ensures your technology is secure and works for you. This is no cookie-cutter approach. It’s customised according to your needs. For a monthly, easy-to-budget-for fee, you’ll have all the IT Service and Support you require.

Why Are Managed IT Services Better?

Without Managed IT Services, your technology solutions are vulnerable to crashes, security exploits, and downtime. You can’t be certain that they are properly maintained, monitored, upgraded, and patched.

Prevent Downtime

If you use break/fix services in Langley, Surrey, or Abbotsford, and your technology goes down, it could take a tech days to come onsite and get you going again. But with Managed IT Services you’ll benefit from automatic 24/7 Remote Monitoring (RMM) and Management that detects issues before they cause your computers to crash.

Enhance IT Security

With all the cyber threats circulating today, one will surely infect one of your computers at some point. When this happens, the virus can work its way through all your connected devices, shutting them down or holding your data hostage. 24/7 RMM and Managed IT Services can prevent this.

Compliance With Regulations

If your data is breached, and you must comply with regulatory guidelines, you can expect to pay expensive fines and possibly face litigation from your customers. All it takes is one link in a phishing email that an employee clicks on and your confidential data can be exposed. With 24/7 RMM and Managed IT Services, you can avoid this costly error.

For an affordable monthly fee, you’ll have fully Managed IT Services to protect your network from malicious threats and interruptions. Your employees will be trained to recognise phishing and other potential security exploits, so they’ll know what to do when one comes across their computer screen.

Do You Realise How Important RMM, Automatic Upgrades, and Patch Management Are?

One of the best things about IT Managed Services is that problems can be detected and repaired before they can negatively affect your business. In most cases, before you even know anything has occurred.

With proactive remote network monitoring, patch management, upgrades, and computer optimization, your technology will remain secure and work the way it should. You can go to sleep at night in peace, knowing that you’ll return in the morning and your technology will be up and running, ready for you and your employees to get to work.

What Else Do Managed IT Services Provide?

  • Backup and Disaster Recovery: Onsite backups aren’t enough. Your data will be stored in a secure cloud solution that you can access 24/7 from wherever you have an internet connection. If you have to relocate your business due to a power outage, leaky roof, or other disasters, your data will stay high and dry in our secure data center. As long as you have a computer device and internet connection, it will be there for you and your designated users. If you sign on for our Virtualisation Services, you’ll benefit from a clone of your entire IT Infrastructure, including the applications that you can spin up quickly when you return to the office. No more hours or possibly days waiting for files to download from the Internet.
  • 24/7 Help Desk Support: If you require service or just have a question about a piece of software you’re using, a trained technician will answer your call and assist. No more wasted time wondering how to do something or stressing over technology lag time.
  • Mobile Device Management: Many businesses in BC let their employees use their own mobile devices at work. Though this is a helpful asset for many businesses, you must make sure they’re using them securely. How do you know where your data is going? An MDM solution remotely keeps track of everything on user-approved devices. In an emergency, your business data can be wiped from a mobile device in a flash.
  • IT Security: In addition to Remote Monitoring and Management for tracking security issues, Managed IT Services include layered protection with a managed antivirus, anti-malware, anti-spam, and web filtering solution. All of this is handled in real-time, so our techs constantly have a pulse on your IT security posture. This strengthens your IT security while reducing unexpected costs. Proactive management and prevention are much less costly than trying to recover from a data breach. Using Managed IT Services will pay for itself in this regard.

All of this will work whether you use Windows or Apple devices. There are no limits to what Managed IT Services can do for your organization. Your Managed IT Services can be customised and scaled according to your needs, and as mentioned, everything is paid for with a fixed monthly fee that you can budget for.

What Else Do You Need To Know?

There’s much more to explain and share about why you should consider Managed IT Services. Please take some time and do a little research on our website to learn what you need to know.