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Want To Worry Less, Work Easier & Collaborate on Projects? You Can Do It All With Microsoft Office 365

There’s no better solution for small and mid-sized businesses in British Columbia, or anywhere in the world than Microsoft Office 365. Why? Because you can use the applications you love like Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. And you’ll benefit from its file sharing, collaborative, accessible, secure, cloud-based tools that give you the capabilities that larger enterprises enjoy.

Why Are More Organisations Migrating To Office 365?

Because it’s an umbrella-like, integrated software solution that allows you to access your applications both in the office and on the road via the internet and with any computer device. Collaboration is easy. Just set permissions so your colleagues can access your documents and files as you require.

How Do You Worry Less While Working Together With Office 365?

You’ll Worry Less because Microsoft has addressed all your security concerns by offering a solution where you don’t have to rely on your own server. Microsoft takes all the responsibility for security and reliability. You’ll no longer stress over data loss or email troubles with:

  • Data Loss Prevention that helps you comply with government and industry regulations by protecting your confidential information and preventing inadvertent disclosures. It enables you to block the transmission of your organization’s sensitive data. When credit card numbers or sensitive account info is keyed into an email or document, an automatic pop-up warns you that you’re trying to send private data. It can even block the transmission of this information automatically.
  • Rights Management Services that enable you to see who’s accessing your data. This improves data security with advanced encryption using RMS (Risk Management Solution). You can protect your spreadsheets, financial information, or other documents with a password, or set permissions allowing access for selected individuals.
  • Encryption so you can encrypt not only documents but your emails so only your chosen users can open them.
  • Mobile Device Management that protects your private information when employees use their mobile devices. Set device security policies and access rules – and if necessary, delete your information from mobile devices if they’re lost or stolen.

You’ll also worry less with 24/7 support for any issues or concerns.

You And Your Staff Will Work Easier because with Microsoft Office 365 you can work how and where you want by accessing cloud-based applications like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. You’ll have:

  • Web-based secure access to your documents, emails, and conferencing.
  • Syncing across all your devices.
  • Real-time editing and collaboration on documents with your authorized users.
  • The SharePoint Online content management system that works seamlessly with other applications in Office 365, so you can share ideas and work with your selected users.
  • BI (Business Intelligence) to help you collect, filter, and organize your data so you can spot trends, focus on what matters, and make better decisions.
  • Managed communications across all your devices with Exchange Online. It provides 50GB of mailbox storage per user.
  • 1 TB of secure storage for your files in the Cloud, and in one location so you’ll have access to all your work from one place.

You And Your Colleagues Can Work Together with everything stored in the Cloud. You can share information securely and easily.

  • Set up teams for your projects and share documents, agendas, sites, videos, and more.
  • Set up or join multi-location meetings using any device.
  • Support your teams with the information they need.
  • Communicate with your team more efficiently by creating chat rooms in Yammer. You can send private messages with your team, share information, and organize around your messages in group projects. It’s also easy to incorporate into your other Office 365 applications.
  • Use Skype for Business for messaging, audio, and video calls, as well as online meetings.
  • Groups is a team-share site where you can work on projects and collaborate effectively using a shared inbox, calendar, document library site, and Yammer feeds. Unlike SharePoint, you don’t have to individually assign permissions because the group will have pre-set permissions.

What else makes Office 365 so great?

All of its applications can be integrated.

Of course, you and your team will have access to Microsoft’s basic cloud solutions like:

  • Word with easy reading and writing on any device.
  • PowerPoint to make your point with clarity and style.
  • Outlook so you can stay productive and connected.
  • OneNote to access all your notes on all your devices.
  • Publisher so you can create something that helps you stand out.
  • Excel to create order, organize data, and share insights. Post an Excel spreadsheet in a PowerPoint slide, and make changes on the slide that will be reflected in the Excel document. Microsoft makes it easy.

There’s no better solution for small and mid-sized businesses than Microsoft Office 365. And there’s a lot more being added to it all the time. Microsoft Office 365 is like the gift that keeps on giving with new and updated features you can continue to enjoy.