Since 2010, SilverPoint Systems has been the de facto name for business IT services and technology support in Vancouver, Langley and across the Lower Mainland.

Does your phone system provide your company with a competitive advantage? Not all phone systems are alike. SilverPoint Systems can set up the right phone system to meet your needs.

Email, Instant Messaging and Voice Communications are crucial to success. You need a solution that connects easily with your clients and your staff. SilverPoint Systems can help you meet this vital component to servicing your clients better.

Just open the newspaper or turn on the news and you’ll quickly find out that cybersecurity is a must. Every day, hackers, ransomware and viruses are stealing personal information and forcing businesses to pay huge sums to get data back. We can help prevent this.

Want to know who’s coming into your business, store or office. SilverPoint’s facial recognition solutions tell you immediately if that person entering your place of business is someone that should be there.

Reliable computer network maintenance and IT management services for businesses in Langley, Surrey, and Abbotsford.

Dependable cloud computing solutions that fit your budget.

Are You Comfortable With Your Network Security?

What Are Your Choices For Business Phones & Telephony Services?

What Are Your Choices For Business Phones & Telephony Services?