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Last June, 2011, Google introduced its new operating system, Chrome OS. What separates this OS from other systems is that it’s completely based in the cloud and only requires an Internet connection to operate. Users don’t install programs, instead they access Web based versions. This system is a glimpse into the future of computing and […]

As Android tablets become more commonplace in the business environment, many managers are finding that they want to edit and view documents, presentations and spreadsheet files on the tablet. Many, if not all, managers use Microsoft Office as their main office suite which poses a problem, as there’s no official Microsoft Office app for the […]

Microsoft Word is probably the most widely installed program that’s not an operating system. It’s become so ingrained in computing culture that other word processing programs have a tough time competing, and have had to include the ability to read and edit Word documents. Of Word’s many features, keyboard shortcuts are among the most useful. […]

The short-term incentives of meaningful use shouldn’t overshadow the long-term care strategies of small physician practices choosing electronic medical records (EMRs), according to a recent study. IDC Health Insights expect U.S. EMR adoption to move from less than 25 percent in 2009 to more than 80 percent in 2016 – and that growth will be […]

Primary care practices using electronic medical records (EMRs) identify patients who need preventative or follow-up care 30 times faster than practices using paper, according to a recent study. The study was commissioned by Canada Health Infoway, a not-for-profit organization funded by the Canadian government, and conducted by researchers at St. Mary’s Research Centre, MedbASE Research […]

From new technology to the use of social media, the industry press is abuzz with ideas. Below are five of the best articles we read in 2011. 1. iPad 2 looks even better for docs. The iPad 2 gives doctors at the point-of-care the tools they need at the exact moment they can make a […]

As far as many business owners are concerned there’s only one office suite that matters, Microsoft Office. Office is found in nearly every business, regardless of industry, and is an integral part of operations. Microsoft’s newest version of Office, Office 365, takes the suite into the cloud, something that many businesses will benefit from. There […]