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The Month's Most Fascinating Technology News from SilverPoint Systems
How To Remove Microsoft Office Metadata?
This article covers the definition of metadata and how to view, manage and delete it in Microsoft applications. What is Metadata? Metadata is information about your data. It contains facts that can’t be disputed, the same way data does. Here is an example from Microsoft Word. Let’s say you’re writing a letter to a co-worker. The letter consists of characters that form words and sentences. To the computer, this is translated as a series of ones and zeroes that make up the data associated with your letter.
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How to Create a Strong Password You’ll Remember
Nearly every site or service we use online requires a username and password. Remembering hundreds of unique passwords is just about impossible, and reusing passwords across multiple sites can be dangerous. If one account is compromised in a data breach (and this is likely: check out IdentityForce’s list of all the breaches so far this year), any other account using that same password is now at risk.
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   How to Make Calls with Amazon Alexa
Did you know you can use just about any Amazon Echo device to make phone calls for free? You can do the same in the Alexa app on iOS or Android, whether or not you have an Echo device. You can also call others in your contacts on their Echo devices instead of their phones. These services can be convenient, and they are real money savers for people paying per minute for their cell or landline phone. In today’s tech tip we’ll show you how to make calls with Amazon Alexa.
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    How to Find Someone’s Email Address
Email is a great system when it works well, but it has some frustrating limitations. You have to know someone’s email address to be able to reach them via email, and there’s no central database for finding email addresses. You can often use the internet to find people’s mailing addresses via directory searches, but not such parallel exists for email. If you need to get in touch with someone but don’t have their email address, here are a few tips for finding someone’s email address.
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