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SD-WAN Technology
Moving from hardware solutions to software solutions isn’t a new concept for technology professionals, but network infrastructure has traditionally been a hardware-focused world even as applications move to the cloud. With the introduction of SD-WAN, or Software-Defined Wide Area Networks, IT professionals find themselves needing to retool their understanding of flexible networks and security.
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SharePoint Introduces Intelligent Workplace Through Home Sites
Microsoft recently announced major enhancements to Microsoft 365 (yes, you read that right — Office 365 is now a part of Microsoft 365), including significant upgrades to SharePoint. The innovation with perhaps the greatest potential is Home Sites. In today’s tech blog, we’ll explore what Microsoft is up to with this new feature.
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How To Show PowerPoint Slides In A Microsoft Teams Meeting
In today’s tech tip, learn how to make the most out of your Microsoft Teams meetings by showing PowerPoint slides directly in the virtual meeting window. Microsoft Teams is a powerful collaboration tool with a deep, rich feature set. One of the great features in Microsoft Teams is the ability to turn calendar appointments into virtual video or audio meetings directly in the app. We’ve covered how to do this before, but did you know you can show Microsoft PowerPoint slides right inside your Teams meeting? We’ll show you how in today’s tech tip.
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5 Key Factors to Understand When Selecting a Cloud Voice Provider
As the benefits of cloud voice continue to stack up, many small and mid-sized businesses are wondering how to choose the right solution. Silverpoint Systems Ltd outlines the five most important aspects to consider when evaluating cloud voice.
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