The Month's Most Fascinating Technology News from SilverPoint Systems
What are the Top Benefits of IT Services To Local Small Business?
Why do local small businesses need IT services? Many small business owners are entrepreneurial and want to do as much as possible on their own. However, specific tasks require technical expertise that would distract owners from operating their businesses. IT support services are a perfect example of the type of task that small businesses owners would do better to outsource to reasonably priced local firms. Having a business of any size is tough without proper IT functionality, so it’s well worth the investment overall.
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What Are Some Common Myths With Managed IT Services?
Managed IT Services is a transaction often required by businesses large and small in order to operate efficiently. It’s unfortunate that some owners and managers misinterpret the scale of services provided by a Managed IT Provider. To some extent, there is a contractual obligation toward the expected services, but there is also a simple limitation as to what the IT Provider is capable of doing for your company.
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Apple Tech Tip: How To Recover A File You Forgot To Save
It happens to the best of us. You’ve invested serious time and effort into a Microsoft Office file for an upcoming presentation. You may even be moments away from finishing your work. Then it happens: your Mac goes down, hard. Maybe the power goes out, or maybe you get the dreaded “Sad Mac” screen of death.
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What is Customer Lockbox And Privileged Access Management in Office 365
Microsoft Office 365 is a suite of services that includes Customer Lockbox and Privileged Access Management. Both tools to assist customers in meeting their compliance obligations and maximizing data security and privacy. These tools are currently only available for customers with Office 365 Enterprise and Advanced Compliance SKUs.
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