The Month's Most Fascinating Technology News from SilverPoint Systems
3 Types of Cyber Security Solutions Your Business Must Have
Cybersecurity is one of the main concerns for most businesses, and for a good reason. Companies of all sizes, from small mom-and-pop businesses to large corporations like eBay, are facing cyber attacks. Each year, cybercriminals become more and more innovative when it comes to the types of cyber attacks they launch against organizations. Here are three types of cyber security solutions your business must have to protect against cyber attacks.
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What Is Background Blur with Microsoft Teams?
Remember that hilarious video of a BBC news reporter talking with a professor on camera, only to get upstaged by his family behind him? The professor is sitting in his chair. The door opens behind him and in marches a little arm flaying child. Then a baby wheels in on a rolling chair. Finally, a woman dashes in, stares straight at the screen, freaks out and then drops to the floor grabbing each child. All three scurry away, and the door shuts behind them.
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Everything You Need to Know Before You Install a VoIP Phone System
Phone systems might not be the most exciting entity, but they are a necessity for almost every business. Unfortunately, many business owners have dealt with phone system failures and the inevitable fallout that occurs when a major line of communications is down. With this in mind, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) offers a new alternative phone system that is designed to replace traditional business communication platforms.
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Why Is My Windows 10 Pro Deactivating?
If you are experiencing problems with your Windows 10 Pro operating system, you are not alone. Thousands of users from the US, Japan, and South Korea flooded tech message boards late this week with complaints that their legitimately purchased software was deactivating itself.
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