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SilverPoint Systems Ltd.

Closed on Friday

Lest We Forget

This message is a kind reminder, that we will be closed on Friday (November 11th) in observance of Rememberance Day.

Although we are closed, we realize that many of our clients will remain open on Friday, and that you may need assistance.

As such wanted to make sure we sent out a quick message giving all of our client's easy access to our cell phones, which are almost always on.

Mike: 604-825-8198
Rob: 604-825-5393
Mats: 604-715-3294
Cam: 604-725-4136

If you have any questions, or concerns, about this - please do not hesitate to contact us.

Flooding in Thailand - How It Will Impact You

As many of you know, there has been terrible flooding in Thailand recently, which has caused loss of life, and home, for hundreds of families.  It has also displaced countless people in the affected areas.

Over the past 2 weeks, this same flooding has started to have a direct impact in the technology sector, as some of the world's largest harddrive manufacturers are centralized in this area.  This has lead to a global shortage of these components, vendors limiting sales per customer, andsome vendors not selling hard drives at all.  Prices have also skyrocketed up to 200% above where they were prior to the floods.

The current projections for the new stock to start becoming available is Q2 of 2012, after which the pricing should start to correct itself.

We have spoken with our component suppliers, and have placed advanced orders for what we can.  We have also placed emergency orders with a couple suppliers, who have limited stock, and will be keeping these drives on had for emergency replacement needs.

We have also spoken with our channel representatives at Dell about the issue, most specifically the concerns we had with them continuing to sell hard drives to large retailers, their warranty stock, and the impact which these factors would have upon their production schedules for new hardware orders.

We have been assured by Dell, that they have stopped all harddrive sales until further notice, and that their current (and incoming) stock is allocated solely to new hardware orders.  They have also assured us that their warranty stock is adequate to meet the upcoming needs.

However, production lead times may be slightly increased over the next few months on new orders, so we wanted to make sure everyone was aware of this.  We will be making our best effort to effectively project your upcoming hardware needs, but if you have anything specifically in mind, please bring it to our attention as early as possible.

Should anyone have any questions about this situation, please do not hesitate to contact us.

It's a Girl!

Monday evening, we received the wonderful news that Cam became an Uncle!

His family welcomed into this world his neice Aria - both she and her Mom are doing very well.

Congratulations Cam!