Pearce Owen and Patrick Dennis have joined SilverPoint Systems

Pearce Owen
In his role as Service Manager, Pearce ensures customer service and customer satisfaction stay at the forefront while delivering excellent technical support and guidance to SilverPoint’s clients. Pearce draws on 25 years in the IT industry with experience ranging from data center and infrastructure projects through systems administration, training, and technical support. Pearce is familiar with critical systems and urgent requests from years working with law enforcement and medical systems administration. Having technical training including Microsoft, SonicWall, Oracle, and Novell, and an Associate degree in Computer Information Systems from Kwantlen College, Pearce also has experience with team building, communication skills, and conflict resolution. This helps him to put technology in perspective as a business tool and to focus on delivering service that lets your business run the best it can.

Patrick Dennis
With over fifteen years’ experience in the IT industry, Patrick Dennis has dealt with almost every scenario out there. Upon receiving his first computer at the age of 10, Patrick began coding his own games. His love for technology continued through his adolescence, leading him to his first professional IT position as a Web Developer. As his career has progressed Patrick gained experience as a Systems Administrator, Database Designer, and IT Manager. Patrick has a passion for explaining the benefits of technology and has brought those talents to SilverPoint Systems as an Account Manager

Don’t let business fail due to disaster

Many companies in North America, the UK and Australia tend to adopt an almost invincible point of view, they believe that disaster can never strike their business and are stunned when it does. This is a dangerous viewpoint to take, especially for small businesses who stand to be affected the most from any disaster.


5 OS X tips and tricks for employees

Any user of Mac OS X will often extol how easy the OS is to use, and how many great features there are that users of other operating systems are missing out on. While this is true, when a user moves over to OS X they often find that the OS has a bit of a learning curve that many users never really conquer. There are a large amount of features and different ways to do the same thing.


Turbo Boost sends processors into OD

In the past few weeks major players in the computer manufacturing industry – Apple and Microsoft – have both announced improvements to their current lineups as well as exciting new hardware. These devices have been met with hype and buzz, advertisers want you to buy machines supporting Ivy Bridge processors with Turbo Boost, without really explaining the benefits.


Good reputations gone bad with tweets

Small businesses have some powerful communication tools at their disposal, ones that they can use to reach a potentially unlimited customer base. One of these tools is Twitter, a social network that gives users 140 characters to reach out to other Twitter users. While Twitter is a useful tool, it can cause companies to lose their reputation if they tweet about the wrong things.


How to read RSS Feeds on Android

Many small business owners keep a constant eye on news both general and related to their fields of expertise. As the majority use the Internet to read the news, it can become a time consuming process to catch up on all that’s going on. If you have an Android phone, you can make this process more efficient through the use of RSS Readers.