Whose Face Is That Anyway?

Find Out Who’s Entering Your Workplace. 

Want to know who’s coming into your business, store, or office?  SilverPoint’s FaceFirst tells you immediately if that person is someone who should be there or not.

FaceFirst uses sophisticated pattern-recognition techniques and employs artificial intelligence and biometric technology to recognise and identify individuals.

All types of businesses and organizations in BC use facial recognition systems, like FaceFirst. It’s not as unusual as you might imagine. As a matter of fact, facial recognition is the most popular biometric technology on the market today.

How Does Facial Recognition Technology Work?

Today’s new facial recognition technology outperforms humans in recognizing faces even in crowded situations or locations with poor lighting.  It utilizes an algorithm that can make millions of comparisons in just one second.

Facial recognition surveillance systems rely on network cameras, software, a server, or a very large PC to operate.  Some installations may also employ video management software as well.

A broad range of high-resolution network cameras uses facial recognition technology today. This makes it an affordable solution that provides a fast form of identification and authentication that can be distributed throughout your premises to improve your overall security and service.

Facial recognition systems are no longer just for high-security operations. A growing number of organizations now use it to identify individuals to either keep them out, let them in, or improve customer service. It’s employed in a wide variety of applications for authentication and identifications, and it’s applicable for both small and large businesses alike

Why Use SilverPoint’s FaceFirst Facial Recognition Solution?

Having the ability to recognise people’s faces can be a critical element of a business’ operations. You may need it to prevent unauthorized persons from entering your office, or to welcome important customers to your store.

An effective solution like the one from SilverPoint recognises and identifies faces quickly and accurately. Plus, our Facial Recognition Solution is highly adaptable and can be customised to your particular needs.

You can add it to your current surveillance system to enhance the security both in and outside your site.  It can also be integrated into your access control system to improve its functionality.

FaceFirst is based on specialized software that analyzes video streams in real time from network cameras posted around your site. It compares the video to a database of stored images of faces.

The database is located on a server that the camera accesses. A non-match will trigger an action or an alarm according to the rules you set.

In order for the matching in the system to work most effectively, it’s important to ensure that the reference images pre-selected and stored in the database are in high resolution and that the person is looking directly into the camera

Why Do You Need Facial Recognition In Your Workplace?

It provides you with a real-time and efficient solution to protect your business, your assets, and your employees by verifying a regular visitor or identifying a potential thief.

Recognise VIP Customers Or Associates

Here’s an example:

Let’s say you just hired a new receptionist.  Now the president of your corporation decides to make a surprise visit.  Your receptionist doesn’t recognise him as an employee who comes in every day. As a result, she locks him out and calls security!

If you had our Facial Recognition Solution, she would have identified him as her boss and rolled out the red carpet instead.  Good for her, good for him, and good for your business.

Keep Your Workplace And Employees Safe

What if, an employee who was let go last week suddenly shows up at your office? Without our Facial Recognition Solution, this individual might gain entry and create a problem, or worse, harm one of your employees.

Being able to identify the people who come and go to your site is crucial to keep your business safe.  But using manned access control is inefficient, unreliable, expensive, and can be frustrating for employees and visitors, causing bottlenecks in busy times.

If you don’t employ security guards, your front desk staff or store clerks are the ones who are left defending your premises.  How are they supposed to prevent unauthorized or dangerous people from entering?

Protect Your Property & Assets

Okay … let’s say that you own a retail establishment and a customer, who took off without paying for an item the last time she was there, shows up again. Without our Facial Recognition Solution, she may come back and try to steal from you a second or third time!  If the database retained her identity, an alarm would signal you to prevent her from entering your store.

Want to know who’s coming into your worksite or office?  FaceFirst tells you immediately if that person is someone who should be there or not.

Our high-resolution network cameras, combined with customised facial recognition software, will provide you with an unobtrusive and discreet way to provide your staff with the valuable information they need to give guests extra attention or keep intruders out.

Your business operations will run more smoothly and offer your customers and employees a safe and workable experience overall.