Is It Time To Re-Evaluate Your Current Approach To IT Service & Support?

Proactive IT Is The Way To Go Today – Why?

If yours is like other small and mid-sized businesses in BC, you’re probably understaffed when it comes to IT service and support. You don’t have the budget to hire in-house techs, and even if you did, IT talent is hard to find. As a result, many operate in a reactionary way rather than using proactive IT Service and Support.

Why is this? Because they fear that it will cost too much.

This just isn’t true. You have a lot to protect. Downtime or IT security breaches can cost your business much more than outsourcing your technology service.

That’s why SilverPoint Systems specializes in Proactive IT Service & Support – and we’ve been doing so since 2010. We help companies like yours benefit from this affordably so they can get the ROI on their IT investments that they expect.

Our proactive approach to IT Service & Support provides fast response times and continual Remote Monitoring & Management to ensure a secure and reliable computing experience. You’ll benefit from customised technology tools and service using best practices so you’ll get the return you expect, and more.

What do our clients say about us?

They like our proactive approach and:

Fast response to their issues. And they appreciate that we provide a team of IT professionals who have knowledge and experience in the technology solutions they use.

Around-the-clock technical support with remote monitoring of their network that keeps their IT systems up and running and corrects issues remotely in most cases.

IT Consultants with the knowledge that can save them time when implementing new projects.

Cybersecurity experts who mitigate security risks and compliance problems that could result in penalties, liability, and their credibility with their customers.  Plus, they appreciate the Security Awareness Training we provide their employees so they’ll be up to date about the newest exploits and how to avoid them.

Cloud Computing Services such as software platforms, storage, and servers over the Internet. This provides them with the capabilities and business processes that they could never afford before. Now their data is available via a central and secure web-based data center that their authorized employees can access remotely. They can also sync their business data to connected devices in real time for enhanced productivity, collaboration and mobility.

Virtualisation which is a more cost-effective way of using technology. It provides the business continuity they need and increased data security and fast recoverability. And they can access their IT system from anywhere they have an Internet connection. Rather than waiting days for their data to download after an IT disaster, virtualization makes a cloned copy of their entire IT infrastructure, applications included, that we can spin up in a matter of hours.

Why should you trust us with your IT assets?

Deciding who to trust with your business technology is always concerning. Sure, we provide everything we mentioned above, and we do it proactively.  Another difference you’ll find is that we’ll be your IT Partner, not just your everyday tech vendor. We won’t upsell you and will only advise precisely what your organization needs to excel through technology.

With our proactive support, our clients work smart and can provide exceptional service for their customers. They no longer worry whether they’re using the right software, hardware, or cloud solutions. Our team gets to know their unique requirements and provides affordable solutions that align with their goals.

What does an IT Partner do and why is this important?

  • Achieve a complete understanding of your business operations and current IT infrastructure.
  • Update outmoded technology so you can pursue market opportunities and overcome business challenges.
  • Help you predict IT expenses and align them with your budgetary requirements.
  • Make sure you get the best prices on hardware and software.
  • Remotely monitor your network to identify risks, halt attacks, and address IT issues before they cause downtime, breaches, or data loss.
  • Confirm that your business technology stays up and running no matter what disaster occurs.

Plus, you’ll have a designated technology specialist who understands the industry you work in. All of this is important whether you’re in healthcare, real estate, oil and gas, retail, law, financial services, or construction – any type of business. We’ll perform an initial assessment to determine your technology challenges, and help you overcome them affordably.

What else do you need to know?  When we meet, you should ask us these 6 fundamental questions:

  1. How extensive is your technical expertise?
  2. How will you assess what technology updates or changes we need?
  3. How will you go about starting and completing a project?
  4. How do you measure a project’s success?
  5. How will you deal with our employees who aren’t tech savvy?
  6. Can you provide a written proposal that’s focused on achieving well-defined outcomes of success?

We’re sure that when you hear our answers, you’ll be impressed. In the meantime, please come up with your own questions, contact us, and we’ll set up a meeting to answer them all. If you’re interested, we can also provide a free assessment of your technology needs.

As we always say: “Our Proactive IT Service & Support Is All About You.”  Why is this?

It’s simple – Because your success is our success.