Working from home is a big change in an already tumultuous time. Yet there’s a bright side. The quarantine could be your opportunity to reinvent how you work — for the better. Migrating to Microsoft 365 has benefits now. Plus, when you’re back to business as usual. Microsoft 365 is the clo... | Read More

Authors Warning Note: Self-serving post ahead. System Administrator Appreciation Day (also known as SysAdmin Day) is an annual event created by Ted Kekatos in 2000. The event exists to show appreciation for the work of sysadmins and other IT workers and is celebrated on the last Friday in July.... | Read More

Business etiquette for working in an office environment is well established: show up on time, wear pants, put your name on your lunch in the fridge – those kinds of things. But working from home is a new thing for many people and businesses. These tips for business etiquette for remote work su... | Read More

This is a friendly notice to advise that our offices will be closed this coming Monday, in observation of the Civic Holiday. As always, our on-call technicians will be available for your emergency support needs. Happy Civic Holiday!... | Read More

Steer Clear of Corona Virus Scams With the world grappling with a health pandemic, scams are shocking. Regrettably, bad actors are everywhere, always looking for opportunities, and they’re seeing one in the corona virus. This article outlines what you need to watch out for and how to stay cyber s... | Read More

Stop the Inbox Insanity: Tips for Better Email Management A staggering 269 billion emails are sent every day. Your business only a small fraction of those emails. Yet your staff likely feel as if at least 269 of those are coming their way daily. In fact, the typical employee in 2018 received 90 ema... | Read More

Meet Ashley McVeigh Having joined our team in August 2017, Ashley has been the cornerstone in effecting change within our finance team for the past two years.  Holding a self-imposed second title of Senior Office Christmas Elf, her passion for the holiday seasons is second to none but the most pas... | Read More