For many of us, 2021 can’t come soon enough, and we're hoping next year will be a better one. One way to get the best start in the new year? Take the time now to review business technology. There are several areas that you might improve to support 2021 success. First, look at your website. In ... | Read More

Buying Tech in Time for Christmas Christmas time is back with us again.  The latest devices and gadgets are hitting store shelves just in time to keep up with the rush.  Magazines, television, and the web are brimming with advertisements and reviews of the latest tech your money can buy. ... | Read More

This is a friendly notice to advise of our normal business hours over the coming Holiday Season, through to January. May everyone have a wonderful Christmas and Holiday Season.  We hope you are able to celebrate safely, and look forward to speaking with you in the New Year. Dec 238:00am - 5:00pm... | Read More

Most of us can differentiate between hardware and software. But how many know what firmware refers to? More importantly, is your business securing its firmware against security vulnerabilities? Your business knows it needs to keep its operating systems (OSs) up to date. Installing patches as the... | Read More

Mobile, remote workforces still need tools to share and collaborate with one another. Business teams want to work together and get the job done efficiently. Microsoft SharePoint helps make that happen. SharePoint is used in science and education, law and government, finance, computers, electroni... | Read More

Boost Your Email Impact with These Smart Strategies Most small businesses rely on email as their preferred form of communication. Either internally or externally to clients, customers and suppliers, email is the go-to format we’d be lost without. Our love affair with it is no surprise – it... | Read More

This is a friendly notice to advise that our offices will be closed this coming Monday, in observation of Thanksgiving Day here in Canada. As always, our on-call technicians will be available for your emergency support needs. Happy Thanksgiving Canada!... | Read More

Meet Mike Garcia Queue Mystical Music - Fade Into View - Portrait of Mike Garcia Having come up with the idea for the coolest company name ever in 2010, Pure Freaking Magic Technology, Mike decided that was not good enough and proceeded to go on a pilgrimage to the hallowed place of people seeking c... | Read More

Accountants, dog groomers, and physiotherapists didn’t get into business to manage bookings. You want to be working on the thing you enjoy doing, not fussing with phone calls and emails, trying to schedule times for clients to come in. That’s where Microsoft 365 Bookings comes in handy. Book... | Read More

When you sign up for an internet service, the provider will hook you up with an email address, too. Your internet service provider (ISP) wants to keep you connected to them. But this convenient email address isn’t always the best long-term solution for you. That “[email protected]" em... | Read More